Sustainability Leadership Cohort

The SLC Program is designed to support young people in POSOH's area to build leadership skills, promote higher education, and ultimately, to foster the next generation of community leaders.

About the Club

The Sustainability Leadership Cohort Program (SLC) is led by the College of Menominee Nation’s Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) in collaboration with its POSOH partners. This Program is designed to support young people in our area to build leadership skills, promote higher education, and ultimately, to foster the next generation of community leaders.

The goal of the SLC Program is to ignite interest and broaden understanding of sustainability through science-, technology-, engineering- and mathematics-related experiences. The Program is committed to respecting cultural values and encouraging holistic thinking. SLC will provide students the tools and skills to be innovative leaders and positive change agents for people and our planet. The SLC will provide a hands-on, non-lecture style environment that allows students to discover, question, explore, and communicate about Science/Math/Technology-related fields in an unconventional manner that promotes critical thinking and leadership skills.

SDI - Sustainability Leadership Cohort Program (5:32)

Join members of P.O.S.O.H.’s Sustainability Leadership Cohort on a visual tour of snapshots from various programs, fieldtrips, events, and creative learning workshops they have attended. The final minutes of this video include original student-produced work that focuses on important topics to the Menominee People.

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Nama'o The Ancient Story Teller (13:51)

This video gives an overview of the P.O.S.O.H. Project’s curriculum design process and partnership using several points of view. Dr. Hedi Lauffer, the creator and co-Principal Investigator of the P.O.S.O.H. Project, explains the rationale and goals for this multiyear-endeavor, and various design team members explain the importance of the project and impact on local communities.

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Food for Thought (44:26)

Learn about the importance of traditional foods and garner recipes for healthy living during this student-created news program from POSOH’s SLC. Anchors Zacharias and Mylia lead viewers through several short programs that feature Native students as learners, teachers, and role models pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Join Spice, Big B., Santana, LaCreshia, and others as they describe the many benefits of choosing to eat more traditional Menominee foods like wild rice, chaga tea, fresh fish, and adding in more fresh fruits and vegetables to their diets. Topics such as GMOs vs. organic produce, the importance of buying locally, and various foods’ connections to culture and identity are also discussed in this informative and entertaining news program.

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Work Hard Play Hard (12:29)

Menominee People are born with much athletic potential, but is that all it takes to become a successful professional athlete? Tribal members discuss their ideas about the possibilities and obstacles Menominee youth face as they begin on their journey to athletic excellence. Community members and area coaches offer suggestions that will help Menominee youth work hard, play hard, for a brighter future.

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