As the POSOH Project rounds out it's Year 4 accomplishments, applications are being submitted to make presentations and tell the story of our collaboration more broadly.

Many of POSOH's undergraduate interns, graduate students, faculty, and staff make presentations in local, state, and national meetings and conferences.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of our PowerPoint slides (and in some cases, associated papers).

WIEA Presentation

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POSOH Project: Community Visions of Culturally Based Science Education (15:49)

This video gives an overview of the P.O.S.O.H. Project’s curriculum design process and partnership using several points of view. Dr. Hedi Lauffer, the creator and co-Principal Investigator of the P.O.S.O.H. Project, explains the rationale and goals for this multiyear-endeavor, and various design team members explain the importance of the project and impact on local communities.

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