POSOH’s Leadership Team serves as an advisory board for the Project. The Team meets annually in spring to review the Project’s progress and strategically plan for its future.

Amasino, Richard

Richard (Rick) is a professor of biochemistry at UW-Madison and POSOH’s Principal Investigator and is responsible for overarching aspects of the project and contributes to the scientific work of POSOH. Rick tracks that goals and activities are met in a timely manner and completed within budgeted amounts, and that project activities expenditures and reports are in compliance with USDA AFRI policies.

Whenever possible, Rick also brings his storytelling gifts and deep science knowledge to POSOH’s Design Teams to teach and advise about current scientific explanations for fundamental bioenergy and sustainability concepts.


Lauffer, Hedi

Hedi is the Director of the Wisconsin Fast Plants Program at UW-Madison, a 25-year-plus education outreach program in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Hedi is one of POSOH’s Co-PIs and is the UW Project Director for POSOH. She is responsible for POSOH’s overall performance, including overseeing its evaluation and growing the collaboration that underpins the project. Hedi monitors the project’s evolution and helps facilitate the development of existing and emerging strategies that can build on the projects’ strengths and address its challenges, in support of POSOH’s mission.


Gringon, Jerilyn

Jerilyn retired from the College of Menominee Nation where she had been a faculty member during POSOH’s inception. She worked with POSOH’s curriculum development for three years as a Design Team member and cultural custodian as well as a community collaboration liaison. Jerilyn also makes regular contributions to POSOH’s overall approach that we are beginning to share with other interested communities who want to understand the processes and commitments involved in collaboratively designing and developing place-based, culturally-relevant science learning materials.


Caldwell, Chris

Chris is the Director of Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) at College of Menominee Nation (CMN), one of the four primary POSOH partners. He started this position in October 2012 and is responsible for coordination of SDI staff and resources in the delivery of nonacademic programming, research, contractual services, and other projects in support of the Institute’s mission, and the broader mission of CMN.

Chris assists in working on the leadership framework, provides oversight on project work, and serves as liaison for SDI with other components of CMN, particularly insuring that project activities and expenditures are in compliance with CMN and USDA AFRI policy.


Edler, Rebecca 

Rebecca (Becky) is the Sustainability Coordinator at the Sustainable Development Institute, College of Menominee Nation.  Working with recruitment, admissions, and advising at the College for 5 years before moving into this position, she is familiar with various aspects of higher education, primarily Student Services.

With the POSOH project Becky is responsible for guiding and assisting in aspects of data collection for material development. She assists in developing campus place-based learning efforts and implementing campus sustainability projects to infuse concepts into student learning. She also works with Cherie Thunder in providing direction and supervision to undergraduate researchers and high school sustainability leadership cohort members.


Thunder, Cherie

Cherie began working with POSOH when she was an undergraduate intern for the Project at UW-Madison. She also served on POSOH’s Grade 8 Unit Design Team. After graduating from UW, Cherie assisted with the Sustainability Leadership Cohort. In August 2014, Cherie became interim Sustainability Education Coordinator at the College of Menominee Nation's SDI, leading the work of POSOH that is centered there: continuing to develop the out-of-school sustainability club model called the Sustainable Leadership Cohort, mentoring undergraduate interns, and creating a wide variety of community collaborations and events. Cherie also assists area middle school teachers in POSOH unit implementation and shares about POSOH’s work at local and national conferences.


Bowman, Nicky

Nicole is the President/Owner of Bowman Performance Consulting, LLC (BPC). Her company, BPC, holds the external evaluation contract for POSOH. Nicole, or Nicky, is responsible for developing, administering, and analyzing the results from POSOH evaluation tools, monitoring POSOH’s progress towards its proposed goals. Nicky also generates reports for POSOH leadership that explain findings from surveys and other evaluation instruments as outlined in the POSOH evaluation plan. External evaluation reports are used in documenting to the USDA POSOH’s progress in the two annual reports that are filed each year of the project.


Orie, Linda

Linda taught middle school Science to grades six, seven, and eight at Menominee Tribal School from 2006-2012. She joined POSOH as a teacher-member of the Design Team for the 7th grade unit in 2011, and is now a Master’s student in Curriculum and Instruction at UW-Madison. She assisted teachers with the first field test of Netaenawemakanak, our 7th grade unit and worked with POSOH’s Michigan partners to develop the unit’s assessments.

Linda works primarily on curriculum development for POSOH during the school year, and co-facilitates POSOH Professional Development in summer. Linda brings five years experience being an Oneida science teacher in a Tribal middle school, her life-long knowledge of POSOH’s place and Native cultures, and her current studies at UW to the evolution of POSOH’s approach to developing culturally relevant science materials.


Gauthier, Justin

Justin is an undergraduate at UW-Madison, studying creative writing. He earned his associates degree at CMN, and attended elementary and middle school in Menominee Indian School District.

As an intern for POSOH, Justin contributes to curriculum development by bringing his perspective on integrating cultural in science learning, conducting research for case studies, and writing custom stories that reflect, integrate, and build on Menominee culture. Justin also works with Cherie Thunder and Jonathon Schramm on POSOH’s evolving Sustainability Leadership Cohort.


Gauthier, Amy

Amy Gauthier is a graduate student in the School of Library and Information Studies at UW-Madison. She transferred to UW-Madison from CMN and earned her undergraduate degree in philosophy. She also grew up in the POSOH area.

Amy is collaborating in the development of a digital library for resources developed through POSOH’s work, using a new content management system that was designed specifically for Indigenous communities—Mukurtu.


Morales, Reynaldo

Reynaldo is a doctoral student at UW-Madison in Curriculum and Instruction, researching the role that instructional media can play in service to education and promoting social justice in Native American communities. Reynaldo has created multiple videos for classroom use that are included in POSOH’s Grade 7 and 8 units. Reynaldo also produces videos that document the processes used in POSOH’s work so that we can reflect on those processes and share them with others. During the summer, Reynaldo works with students and interns to teach about digital media and produce an original film during their participation in POSOH’s Sustainability Leadership Cohort.


JoAnn Miller

JoAnn (Jo) is a team member of the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment group at CESA #8 and POSOH’s District Liaison. Jo was chosen the 2013 Wisconsin State Teacher of the Year and Oconto’s school district teacher of the year in 2012. She joined CESA #8 and our project in fall of 2014 to work collaboratively with POSOH partners’ staff, building connections with area districts, engaging their participation and supporting teacher-participation in Design Teams and Professional Development. In addition, Jo assists with engaging districts, teachers, and students in POSOH’s Sustainability Leadership Cohort activities.


Nutt, Becky

Becky has taught at Oneida Nation High School (ONHS) in Oneida, WI for 17 years. At ONHS, she teaches Biology, Advanced Biology, Environmental Science, and Science Research. Becky holds a Master of Science in Natural Resources from UW-Stevens Point with an emphasis in Environmental Education, and a BS in Biology from Mankato State, MN. She is member of the Wisconsin Science Leadership Team, charged with rolling out the Next Generation Science Standards to Wisconsin teachers, and the Wisconsin Girls Collaborative Champions Board.

Becky started working with the POSOH project its first year; she has collaborated with every Design Team and field-test group for POSOH’s three science units. Her science knowledge, classroom experience, knowledge of POSOH’s “place,” and collaboration skills have all contributed to POSOH’s work.


Danforth, Gail

Gail is the Language and Culture Teacher for Oneida Nation Schools. As a custodian of traditional Oneida culture, she played an important role in POSOH’s collaborative curriculum design and development. Gail participated in POSOH’s Design Team for the Grade 8 unit and worked with Becky Nutt (POSOH Design Team Teacher from Oneida High School) to host the Grade 9 Design Team Institute at the Oneida Nation’s Turtle School. Gail continues to consult with POSOH curriculum developers and review materials, assisting with when and how Oneida culture is integrated and represented.


Waukau, Patrick

Patrick has been the Outreach and Multimedia Specialist for the Sustainable Development Institute of the College of Menominee Nation since 2009. Patrick created the POSOH logo and provides some multimedia support for the project. Patrick is also a cultural custodian for POSOH and assists with chaperoning students who are part of the Sustainability Leadership Cohort when traveling.


Anderson, Charles W.

Charles W. (Andy) is a professor of science education at Michigan State University (MSU) and a Co-PI of the POSOH project. MSU is one of the four primary POSOH partners. He is particularly interested in understanding how young people can learn environmental science meaningfully and in using that understanding to improve science teaching and assessment.

Andy and his graduate students talk nearly every week with UW POSOH curriculum developers, helping to guide the focus of Design Team ideas into learning outcome sequences that align with what current science education research suggests as typical learning progressions and challenging concepts. His team also develops the pre- and post-assessments that are included in the units to help teachers assess what their students understand.


Greenler, John 

John directs education programing for the Wisconsin Energy Institute and Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center at UW-Madison. His work serves a wide variety of audiences, including formal and informal educators, the general public, legislators and scientists.

John is a Co-PI of the POSOH Project. He is POSOH’s liaison to GLBRC research scientists and contributes to curriculum development. John also participated in POSOH’s first design team.


Schramm, Jonathon

Jonathon works at the Merry Lea Environmental Center, a field station and teaching center of Goshen College in northern Indiana. He teaches students of all ages environmental education and sustainability issues. During the first two years of POSOH, Jonathon was at Michigan State University and worked on designing and analyzing assessment questions that help teachers and the POSOH team better understand students' reasoning around the units' issues.

Since moving from MSU to Goshen College, Jonathon’s work with POSOH shifted to focus on working with Cherie Thunder and Justin Gautheir and the Sustainability Leadership Cohort.


Van Lopik, William

William (Bill) was a faculty member at the College of Menominee Nation, teaching Technology and Resources and Sustainable Development. He began working with POSOH during its first year, participating in the Leadership Team and both the Grade 7 and Grade 8 Design Teams. Bill inspires his students to examine their own environmental commitments and academic pursuits, and many have become involved with the POSOH project.


Past Contributing Leaders include: Melissa Cook, Kate Flick, Beau Mitchell, Manali Sheth, and Patrick Waukau