In the Media

POSOH's work and the Project overall have been featured in a number of publications.

As the POSOH Project rounds out it's Year 4 accomplishments, applications are being submitted to make presentations and tell the story of our collaboration more broadly.

Below are some of the key news releases and media attention that the Project has received to date:

USDA's description of our project
USDA's description of the POSOH Project

Connecting Our Ways of Knowing
November 2014 article published in Grow 

Many Ways of Knowing
Early article published in Grow – Wisconsin's Magazine for the Life Sciences 

SDI's piece about POSOH 
POSOH overview on the Sustainable Development Institute's website

About the curriculum in an online blog done in the past by SDI 
Article about one of POSOH's Field Test Retreats during collaborative curriculum development

Early CALS news release 
2011 news release by the UW College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, announcing the funding of POSOH 

News release by the American Society of Plant Biologists 
2011 News release made by the American Society of Plant Biologists