Upcoming presentation about Digital Technologies in the POSOH Project at the 2014 First Americans Land-grant Consortium (FALCON) Conference


10/24/14 – The University of Wisconsin-Madison POSOH Project and Reynaldo Morales, a UW-Madison doctoral student who studies and has broad international experience using digital media as a social justice and educational tool, were selected to present at this important conference (http://falcon.aihec.org/Pages/FALCONHome.aspx) that will take place on Saturday, November 08, 2014. The Falcon Conference is dedicated to discuss research, teaching, and community programs at 1994 Land-grant Institutions conducted by students, faculty and staff.  This year there will be a strong student focus, and tribal colleges’ successes in teaching, extension services and research that benefit Native American students, communities and lands. The tile of our presentation is “Digital Technologies in the POSOH Project: Tools for Reflection and Building Capacity Through Leadership Development in American Indian Communities of Northeast Wisconsin”. We are very please to present the same day that fellow partners from the College of Menominee Nation-Sustainable Development Institute as Eric Schneider, Keith Kinepoway, Rebecca Elder, and Chris Caldwell will offer a presentation about a Partnership in Forest Stewardship Education.

The emphasis in our presentation will be focused on how digital media technologies are employed in the POSOH Project to both transform science teaching and learning directly, and to build local capacity by supporting reflective leadership development. This presentation introduces several of POSOH’s innovative uses of digital media as educational communication tools for both teachers and students in overarching inquiry processes, including fostering American Indian students’ interest and participation in science learning and academics in general, as well as supporting transformative pedagogical practices and learning experiences for K-16 educators. The presentation will showcases excerpts from a documentary film, Decolonizing Local Capacity: Participatory Curriculum Development in Culturally Relevant STEM Education for Tribal and Public Schools in Northeast Wisconsin (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ozgW_-63bA), to both describe the curriculum development aspects of POSOH’s work and demonstrate how digital media can be used as a reflective tool in support of leadership development. The presentation will include also reflections about affiliated UW-Madison Youth Media programs, in which Reynaldo served as Lead Instructor during 2013 and 2014 that developed complementary approaches. This session will offers innovative ideas for making the processes associated with digital media use as valuable as the products that are produced.