Upcoming Menominee Forest Tours

Every year Ashwaubenon High School takes a trip up to the Menominee forest to learn about how the traditions of the Menominee people are woven into their sustainable management practices. This year Dan Albrent is bringing his Conservation of Natural Resources classes to visit the forest and Sustainable Development Institute. This tour will be a great way to tie conservation and sustainability together throughout the rest of their class. This tour will take place on November 3rd.

Bonduel middle school will also be touring the Menominee area on November 7. Lisa Sorlie and a group of 73 sixth graders will be traveling to the College of Menominee Nation SDI to learn about the work the institute does at the college and within the community. The students will also see the forest and get a visual of the so far, fictional place they have been learning about with their teacher.

Both teachers have been part of the POSOH Professional Development meetings and as a result teach the curriculum to their classes.