POSOH Digital Library Workshop

From June 22-24, 2015, we held a gathering at Science House in Madison to discuss the best way to proceed with cataloging POSOH resources and also to catalogue a number of the resources in the POSOH Digital Library.

Only half of us have had experience with Mukurtu prior to this meeting, so I presented on Mukurtu 2.0 the first day, explaining the structure of Mukurtu and possibilities for entering information about the resources (or as they are called in Mukurtu, digital heritage items). As a group, we then discussed the best way to proceed. We decided which information might be useful to education professionals so that  the digital heritage items would be easily retrievable. It was quite an in depth conversation, but by the end of the first day, we had a plan for action. Before ending for the day, we catalogued a digital heritage item as a group so everyone could see the process within the Mukurtu platform.

During part of the first day, Hedi and I also worked on changing certain parts of the Drupal side of the POSOH Digital Library. Mukurtu 2.0 is built on a foundation of Drupal. We are still having some difficulty with some aspects  of the Drupal side of the digital library, but we were able to get a couple of issues fixed that first day.

The second and third day were spent adding digital heritage items to the POSOH Digital Library. There was discussion throughout when issues came up or when there was a question as to what items went together or with an aspect of Mukurtu 2.0.

This was an incredible learning experience for everyone involved. I think we all learned that cataloging resources takes time and thought. There are many aspects to think about, especially when there are many resources related to one another and with similar subject matter. Many decisions had to be made about vocabulary to be used and rights statements, among others.

We also had fun meeting up to work outside of the office in the evenings. I hope the workshop was as rewarding for everyone else as it was for me.