Oskēh-Mamāceqtāwak Kēketōwak-Youth Speak Dec. 7, 2016

This FREE family event will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 7 from 5:30 to 8:30. Come out to support the Sustainability Leadership Cohort in presenting their fiction film“Kāēyas Mesek Oskēken” (It’s Old and It’s New), produced in less than 1 month during summer 2016.

A young Menominee woman, Susan Weston, is beginning to see her true passion at the end of her junior year. The audience is taken on a journey as youth and elders walk to protect and honor the sacred water during the Menominee River water walk.

Also sharing their work will be the Native American Student Association from Madison West High School. The documentary is titled, “Living the Ho-Chunk Language: The People of the Big Voice”.

Members of Madison’s West High School’s Native American Student Association (NASA) wanted to explore what local Indian nations are doing to revitalize their tribe’s language loss due to colonization and boarding schools. Students interviews Ho-Chunk elders and language apprentices in order to document these efforts. Included in the documentary is the poignant question as to how language is the carrier of culture, values, ethics, and way of life. This documentary also demonstrates the historical ramifications of colonialism, boarding schools, and policies of the United States government regarding assimilation that the Ho Chunk and various Indian nations are positively reclaiming their language through these efforts.