Mukurtu Mobile is Here!

On October 8, 2014, Lotus and I attended the Mukurtu webinar revolving around Mukurtu Mobile. This is an exciting addition to the already awesome Mukurtu CMS. Mukurtu Mobile is an application for mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It allows users to log onto their Mukurtu account and upload digital heritage items on the go. This can be done either online or offline, once the user is logged in, and of course to add the items to the content of their site, they would need to be online.

During the webinar, Elena Toffalori and Ruth Tringham explained the many uses and demonstrated these uses to us. Some of the main features include:

  • Seamless integration with Drupal/Mukurtu CMS (can log in with same username and password)
  • Create digital heritage items
  • Mukurtu CMS standard metadata for content
  • set access permissions based on communities and cultural protocols
  • Collect content offline (only need to be online to upload)
  • Add media; media types supported: audio (recording tool on Mukurtu), image, video (supported by youtube)
  • Internal documentation and links to online support

For now, to enable Mukurtu Mobile, users will need to ask Mukurtu support, but once Mukurtu 2.0 is released in January 2015, this will change.

It was interesting and exciting to learn that this feature will be available. It is possible that I won’t use it a lot in my project, but hopefully it will be a useful tool to those who will become the stewards of the POSOH Digital Library. If anyone is interested in Mukurtu, please visit The people are great and would be happy to help you with any questions or help you to get set up with Mukurtu.

Omar was able to get us an instance of Mukurtu 1.0 that resides on the Pantheon servers used by the Mukurtu group. This is also very exciting because now we get to work directly with the system and learn about it in a hands-on fashion. Sometime this week or next, I will request an instance of Mukurtu Mobile for my iPad so that I can check that out, too.

I am also beginning to collect the resources for POSOH and to learn the best way to organize them both before they are added to the library and once they are part of it. Things are rolling along!