Mukurtu 2.0

On October 22, 2014, I attended a webinar in the current Mukurtu webinar series hosted by CoDA (Center of Digital Archaeology). The special guests were members of Kanopi Studios, who are working to bring Mukurtu to the next level of content management systems. During the webinar, we were introduced to upcoming features of Mukurtu, including additional features regarding digital heritage items, such as being able to click and drag an  item into the system. Another new feature has to do with what they call an “asset”. This is a foundational item that is then added to one or more digital heritage items. With this feature, the user is able to then make changes to the asset and all digital heritage items associated with that particular asset will automatically adjust to the change(s) made to the asset. Other new features include the ability to add audio and video files. Previously, these were only able to be added via the Mukurtu site, having been recorded directly from the site. One other feature that was talked about is small but substantial. Currently, when a user has limited access, they are still able to see all of the options available to a user with a higher level of access to changes on the site. If the user with a lower level of access were to click on an option unavailable to them, they would receive a message stating that they do not have access to this option. With Mukurtu 2.0, a user will only see the options available at their level of access, saving them frustration in the long run.

It was great to see the new changes coming up in January. This will be the version our digital library will live in, so it was like getting a sneak preview of a house that is being built for you. I am excited to begin using the new system and am hoping that we will be able to become test-users for the new CMS as it becomes available for testing.