Mukurtu 2.0 is Here!

It’s official! We have Mukurtu 2.0 installed and we are working on adding content. Our goal is to have it open to educators and other interested parties by the end of June.

There was a bit of a struggle at first because we were missing search and browse functions. We spent a few days trying to figure this out on our end, but then contacted Kelley with CoDA (Center for Digital Archaeology). She sent us some technical information that was tremendously helpful in figuring out the missing pieces, and now it feels as though we have the outside border of the puzzle complete. Now I am beginning the work on the inside pieces.

I’ve started adding content in order to test out the parameters of Mukurtu 2.0. There are a few new functions that are wonderful! There is a new level of organization in the Collections option. We are now able to not only organize digital heritage items within communities, but also within collections. This is a feature I was missing in the other version and I am very thankful that it is part of the new version.

Mukurtu 2.0 runs on a foundation of Drupal, which is a content management system. I had not worked with Drupal other than working with the other version of Mukurtu. With that version, most of the background stuff such as menus and structure were set up already, so I didn’t have a reason to dig into those areas. With the new version, however, I have gotten down to the closest thing to bare bones without digging into the actual code of the website.

The last two days have been many things – inspirational, enlightening, and downright fun! It’s a great pleasure to learn, especially when the fear of breaking things starts to fade away!