Hello Mukurtu!

I was introduced to Mukurtu on Wednesday, September 10. It was love at first site! Our network of University of Wisconsin – Madison (POSOH and TLAM) folks: Omar Poler, Lotus Norton-Wisla, and myself met at the University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Library and Information Studies to attend a webinar hosted by the Center of Digital Archaeology. It was an hour-long meeting introducing us to Murkurtu Premiere.

During the webinar, Omar, Lotus, and I were able to create a digital record using Mukurtu Premiere. The metadata was done for us, but we were able to see the distinction between the field/element and the value associated with each one. Mukurtu software uses a base of Dublin Core, with additional fields/elements specifically to adhere to local cultural protocols. One such field was titled “Cultural Narrative”. This field was created in order to allow for personal comments to be added to the record, giving the object a new life.

The three of us, Omar, Lotus, and I, will be attending the webinar series throughout this semester in order to understand the ways of Mukurtu and prepare ourselves for the new version expected to come out in January of 2015.

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the POSOH Digital Collections project!