Experiences in Belize – Susan

Belize in one word would be an adventure. We have been back from Belize for a little over two weeks, and they say soon it will all be a distant memory, but for me it is something that will never fade away, or be too far away. From Belize I learned more than I could ever learn from just a textbook or reading about it. I experienced it, day-by-day life, immersed in their culture, and was accepted by the people. It is a culture down there that is unlike any I have ever seen. It made me feel things that I might have never have unlocked if it wasn’t for Belize and the people I went with. It reminded me of one person in peculiar somebody who came from such a different background, lifestyle, and culture, but how even though we have differences, we can still come together and be friends and a family. This person was my foreign exchange student who I got the chance to spend two years of my life with. A friendship and connection that is forever life changing. Belize was a lot like this special year. It in a way brought me back to my roots and in a sense reconnected me with parts I haven’t been connected with in what seems like forever. It was a really amazing feeling to be connected once again. Belize is so beautiful, and it’s also a place that is full of beautiful people. Some of my most favorite things from Belize were the aspiring friendships, the embracement of the people, and everything tied together. I could go on and on for hours about Belize, but instead I’ll just leave you with this. “Adventure is out there,” It was experience that will be with me forever.