Wade Fernandez, Internationally known Menominee Musician, performs @ UW-Madison


Wade showcases his skills on the electric guitar

On the evening of October 15th, internationally recognized Menominee musician Wade Fernandez held a concert at the Mosse Humanities Building, on the UW-Madison campus. Wade entertained the audience with anecdotes about reservation life, travel abroad, and the lively homelife of a family which includes five young children. In addition to electric guitar, Wade played different Native American flutes, sometimes simultaneously, and sang several songs using both Menominee and English languages. The audience sang along to Sawaenemiyah (Blessed), rocked out to Commodity Cheese Blues, and absorbed the peaceful tones of the Native American flute. After the performance, audience members met and enjoyed refreshments with Wade and two of his children.

The UW-Madison Freshmen Interest Groups (FIGs) organization sponsored this event, encouraging UW undergrads and others to attend this cultural and educational concert. Many FIG students attended Wade’s performance, and enjoyed a special visit to their classes the following day. In the small seminar Native Science class, students had an opportunity to talk with Wade about his experiences as a musician and how he uses different perspectives from the natural world for artistic inspiration. For samples of Wade’s music and music videos, see http://www.youtube.com/user/WiciwenApisMahwaew

New SDI POSOH Sustainability Planner Intern, Lisa Corn

Lisa Corn is a College of Menominee Nation student majoring in liberal studies. Lisa is a first semester student and just moved back to the area after being away for a few years.  She will be working at the CMN Sustainable Development Institute with the Sustainability Education Coordinator this semester to facilitate classroom activities using the POSOH curricula and plan events such as the Sustainability Leadership Cohort Youth Speak Event.

There are also opportunities to present about the POSOH project at conferences like FALCON in Minneapolis, MN, and the WIEA conference in Milwaukee, WI. Being new to POSOH, Lisa will be learning about all what the project has to offer not only herself but her children who attend area schools.

POSOH undergraduate internship opportunities are designed to strengthen POSOH participants’ qualifications and involvement in sustainable bioenergy-related studies and provide an additional avenue for building professional networks with industries and universities. As CMN continues to expand its efforts to become more environmentally sustainable, one of the areas in which it has been a leader for many years is in education and outreach.