Belize – Sherrie

My experience in Belize was absolutely amazing. I learned so much and it helped me grow as a person. I loved being able to interact and communicate with the people from Belize. They have so much knowledge and so many things they could teach us. I also enjoyed learning about their culture and being able to participate in their communal dances. It was a lot of fun. When I was there I felt great. The people there were so happy and it made me happy; you could really tell how close the community is and how important family is to them. I recall a girl I met there, Maritza, saying how important the children were to them and how they always play with them and teach them games that are brain stimulating. I thought that was so cool. It made me wish that more parents would value their children like that here on the reservation. I loved how sustainable they were there too, how they used rainwater for their sinks and showers and although I didn’t really enjoy not being able to flush the toilet, I thought that was cool too. I also enjoyed all the activities we did throughout the trip. They were very fun and educational. Over all I loved the country. It was truly a beautiful place and I definitely want to go back one day and vacation. I forgot to mention I loved all the fruit trees and fresh fruit we got to eat. It was delicious.

My favorite thing we did on the trip was probably canoeing and swimming in the Macow river, I believe that’s how you spell it. I really liked this because we finally got to swim and the river felt amazing (because it was so incredibly humid) and canoeing was very calming and the scenery was beautiful.