Belize by Nicky

The first thing I noticed about Belize when I got off the plane was that it was sweltering hot. You could feel the humidity in the air. The good thing was that that was the only bad thing about our trip to Belize, other than the beetles that were the size of mice. Eventually I adapted to it, (the heat, not the beetles) and the trip was very enjoyable. Everyday was a new experience. One memorable thing was when we had a meeting with a group of student from Guatemala in a town that was cut down the center and split between Belize and Guatemala. Another was going to the ancient Mayan ruins of Xunantunich (Za-Nan-Too-Nitch). Also, I can’t leave out visiting the local towns and villages, eating at the local restaurants and visiting the local shops. The one thing that was the most fun was playing with the baby iguanas. We also got to see many exotic animals and experience Belize from the water when we canoed down the Macal River.

My favorite memory that I had from the trip was probably when my brother and I played our instruments with the Marimba group. Jacob banged on the drums that were provided to him, the founder of the Marimba group struck every piece of wood with his mallets to get a rich, vibrant sound from the wooden instrument, and I played my saxophone, reaching every new note giving it the smooth, alto sound. Together, all three of us blended together perfectly as we played a version on Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. I enjoyed it because it was a great cultural exchange, to share and blend music with people from a whole different world. It was especially amazing since the Marimba Leader just learned how to play the piece in 1 minute.

The overall trip was a great experience, from learning Mayan Traditions to explaining ours to the locals, it was very memorable. It was very sad to say goodbye.



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