Belize – Annie

If Belize had to be described in one word, that word would have to be adventure. We learned so much from the moment we arrived, and that lasted to the moment we left. Everything we learned will continue to last forever because every experience was very memorable. The entire SLC group grew very close from learning and experiencing so much together. We had many chances to meet and get to know the natives of Belize by spending time as a group and one-on-one time with people of all ages. One thing that everyone agrees with is that the people of Belize are amazing because of their kindness and openness to sharing their lives and culture with anyone willing to learn and appreciate it.
The land of Belize is the perfect comparison for the people. Much of it is untouched and grows openly and freely. There is so much variety in color and uses for all living things. One of these things is medicinal use. Everything is used for something, and many of the uses are known by the native people of Belize. There is always more to learn though, and I have no doubt the uses will be discovered and used properly if the land is preserved.