A New Year Begins

As the new year commences, I am readying myself for the spring semester. Having acquired new skills during last semester’s courses, I am putting them to use by creating a manual for metadata creation for the POSOH Digital Library. I am also beginning plans for upcoming conferences: organizing thoughts and information to be included in a poster and PowerPoint presentation. I am looking forward to a new webinar series to start this month that will enhance our working knowledge of Mukurtu by presenting us with opportunities for deeper interaction with it.

I would also like to acknowledge that as the POSOH and TLAM groups come together once again, congratulations are in order to those who have moved on from the University of Wisconsin – Madison: Justin Gauthier and Lotus Norton-Wisla. Justin graduated with his B.A. in December and will be continuing work with the POSOH Project this summer and Lotus has been hired to work with the Mukurtu group at Washington State University. Congratulations to you both!


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